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Turnaround Time Transcription

Get secure, top-quality and low-cost flat rates at $0.69/Min for audio or video files at the fastest transcription portal.Our turnaround time transcription is underpinned on the genre of the files uploaded. We’ve carved out flexible turnaround timeframes in business days, weekend and overnights. Seeking a holiday turnaround time? Upload files? How speedy TATs work? Choose any transcription service and get turnaround suggestions in line with your needs, for example, multi-participants’ interviews. All our turnaround times with corresponding rates are rough estimations on the project costs.

In the transcription world, the turnaround time transcription or TAT refers to the time lapse after uploading files up until delivery to the client's repository. We have partnered with first-class companies for speedy turnarounds within 12-to-24 Hrs. Our handpicked that are cream of the crop in the industry ensure we attain superb quality. You can request for time-coding for your transcripts yet enjoy breakneck pace TAT. No cut-off time, our 10,000+certified transcribers can handle files anytime including weekends and major holidays. Large bulk files, 50+hours rush and super rush turnarounds? High-privacy and SSL encrypted client area? Harness top-quality for large or small projects with 5-to-7 hours for audio at a wallet-friendly Starting at of $0.69/Min.

Get lightning's pace turnaround time transcription, we hammer out tiptop quality notwithstanding accents, audio quality, and number of participants, subject matter and length of the file. Though these factors affect the time around, it does not militate against our ISO Certified and 99% accuracy and timely delivery. Our transcriptionists are backed by an extra layer of Quality Managers and proofreaders for tiptop accuracy and error-proof output. Additionally, our 24/7 Customer Desk gives updates and helps you keep track on your transcription project underway. Upload digital or analogue files? Get free trials matching my project? We provide express TATs at 40% of US average rates, flat price rate capped at $0.69/Min.

A one-stop marketplace for transcriptions, you can lean on us for fast turnaround timeframes, time-coded transcripts, verbatim-accurate and fully secure service. Throughout the years, our express TATs have been hailed by world-class universities, law firms, businesses, government agencies and other stakeholders.

Below is a partial listing of regular transcriptions provided:

• One-on-One Interviews

• Academic Research Interviews

• Phone Calls, Skype and Social Media Chats

• Lectures and Eminent Speeches

• Conference and Seminars

• Focus Groups

• TV broadcasts

• YouTube Transcripts

• Dictation

• Multi-Participants Interviews

Fast Turn Around| 0.69/Min Nominal Rate 12 Hrs, Overnight Delivery

Craving for a high-speed transcription workflow model? You want it done fast. You don't want a taint on quality or belated delivery. Neither do our team of transcribers. Leverage our fast turn around system for ultra-accurate and tiptop quality results. Get an free quote, obligation-free, no-hidden costs and almost-exact to potential project quote. It's a challenge to attain verbatim-accuracy-that's what our 10,000+certified transcribers are imbibed to achieve. While transcription agencies belabor the point on how fast your files will be sent, we take a diametrical approach: you set the time frame

Our fast turn around services provide an express turnaround, 12-to-24+ hours-that still encompasses the final touches, time stamps; no hiked fees for throaty accents or technical terms or multiple speakers.When you submit files through the lightning pace turnaround, we embark on the task right away. Senior transcribers listen to the content and allot to a geared up transcriber who get started on the spot. If you require transcripts super fast, we subdivide your files into smaller portions and get multiple transcribers who work on the parts simultaneously. Subsequently, as each transcriber finishes and uploads their sections,our quality managers interweave the fragmented pieces of the transcript into one coherent document-speedy, high-speed, quick!

Get expedient turnaround timeframes? Getting Started? Use the LIVE CHAT option or Call 1-88-535-5668. For all genres of transcription, we type into text quickly and accurately and without distorting pristine originality. We always attain superb qualitative standards in line with our ISO-certified standards.We provide best language transcription services When it comes to pressing or urgent projects, we come in handy with a robust army of transcribers specializing across a broad range of sectors. They've exhibited prowess in cultural outlooks, speech and accent recognition, pristine grammar and correct spellings .

We also provide a 5-to-6 minute template transcript corresponding to your project specifications. You'll be able to weigh our quality level and overall erudition before uploading files for a fast turn around. Students, companies, business owners, and other clients flock our site for breakneck TATs as we are always ahead of time, accurate and offer convenient turnaround deals. For more than a decade hitherto, we've catered for diverse sectors and domains for clients with varying requirements. This created an impetus for us to come up with flexible turnaround initiatives for you to juxtapose.Our fast TAT covers videos, podcasts, interviews, legal transcription and academic research or any other sort of transcription.

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