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Trusted and certified by the ISO Company, we are the PRO in this business. Contracts, agreements or any legal document that you find is in need of legal transcription lay it on us and we will take care of everything for you. We apply an all-out transcription process to any foreign-language document globally. May it be in the field of financial, manufacturing, technology, advertising and a lot more areas. Plus, the human resources and medical industry is also being catered by us.

We consider every transcription project equally complex and important, so we make sure that contents are receiving our full attention, intensive research and quality check to ensure a 100% error-free output. Our legal  online transcription  practices deadlines and swift turnarounds on all kinds of documents and project that needs to be transcribed. With the proficiency of our certified translators even legal transcript service is provided with excellence.

We vigorously work on your projects but we also make sure that we meet every deadline that you require and turnaround time that you impose. Rates are our second priority so you need to worry about the budget because our services are all under-budget. The first on our list is your satisfaction and contentment in the outcome of our work.This just shows how we make our services available to everyone.

Plus the fact that our expert transacribers can represent any global documents into any given language, we also provide our assistance at any given time of the day. We have a hood of friendly and accommodating customer service representatives that will address all your concerns 24/7 at 365 days a year. Our online chat support system will also give you leverage to keep in touch anytime you need us. Also, our toll-free numbers for our US, UK and AUS clients are always open for your questions and inquiries.


The word difficult does not fit our dictionary. Therefore, no matter how intricate or loaded your file or projects are we shall work on it meeting your deadlines in such boasting quality. The process of transcription is being able to accurately capture live spoken contents and put it into writing. This is being applied to interviews, audio and video files and other formats. We make sure that every piece of transcribed document represents exactly what the original source is saying.

We offer court transcription services

Our court transcription services involves recording of all the arguments by the lawyers, judges decision towards the case, and statement of the people involved in the case. This process is very crucial as there should not be any discrepancy in the information and every bit of information should be 100% accurate. And so as the legal audio content should also be handled with utmost professional attention.

Court transcription services should only be performed by highly competent and skilled transcriptionists who we are proud to have in our hood. They have the most experience when it comes to this kind of jobs and are considered veterans in this field. Since they are superior transcribers, they only produce an aftermath based on our clients' specification. May it be rush or super rush projects, we got this! The more loads the more we like it! Since we're boasting of excellence in our court transcription services, we only deliver and provide a world-class service.

We guarantee that our company implements the non-disclosure agreement where secrecy is deeply observed. So you are assured that your personal and financial information are really secured. Being trusted and certified by the ISO Company, we assure you with a high quality of transcription where professionalism is very evident. Every customer will get nothing but a close to perfection output.

Our services involve court hearings, arbitration, interviews and tribunals. It will greatly be of benefit to court reporters that needs to have a perfectly transcribed audio and will save so much time and cost if you entrust this kind of project to us. We strictly follow a format that is accepted by the international courtrooms. With this service, court reporters can focus on documenting and recording proceedings do note-taking and even have some time to review transcripts which in the process saves a lot of time and money.

We are certified by the ISO Company because every project is translated in a professional manner. A proof is our more than 60,000+ clients who have experienced the quality of every service that we provided. Plus, a free quote option and a 24/7 customer support service assistance so we can address your concerns anytime and anywhere you are. Chat with is live or call us and we will accommodate you. Our toll-free numbers are invariably available to our US, UK and AUS clients.

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