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Law Enforcement Transcription

Law enforcement transcription, just like other professional transcription services, the process involves a digital or analog audio or video file which a competent and highly skilled transcribers shall carefully listen to the source file and transcribes it the exact manner in a written format. That's what our law enforcement transcription services are. We shall go over and proofread the transcribed file to guarantee the level of accuracy.

Our law enforcement transcription is being handled by our award-winning transcribers who are experienced in law enforcement procedures and terminology. They are competent enough in transcribing into more than 100 diverse global languages and can handle rush and super rush orders, as well as bulk orders too! We guarantee to meet round the clock deadlines and time frames imposed by our valued clients.We professionally follow the USCIS requirements assigned by the US federal transcription services so our every output is guaranteed accurate and 100% certified. We strictly implement the non-disclosure agreement where secrecy is deeply observed. So you are assured that your personal and financial information are really secured.

As the pace of technology increases, services such as law enforcement transcription finds more room of importance in this society. This easily helps the police and authorities to solve cases without the hassle of digging into a pile of paperwork on their desks. All they have to do is carry with them a digital recording device when in the field of duty and have a professional law enforcement transcriber listen and study the recording .To upload your files ,Thereafter every piece of information on the recording shall be transcribed in an accurate manner.

And since everything has gone digital, police patrol vehicles are now equipped with audio and video surveillance micro-camera or recording devices that will enable them to capture everything that happens on site real time. Law enforcement transcription plays a very important role in patrol reports, interrogation, victim interviews, witness statements, fire reports, 911 dispatch communication, inmate phone calls, wiretaps and surveillance, memorandums, staff or department meetings, accidents, arrest and traffic reports. It is also crucial in court proceedings, criminal investigations, depositions, internal correspondence, internal affairs investigation and so much more.

The best investigative transcription services

During the process of doing an investigation all the crucial information and facts should be accurately presented. Interview transcription or interrogations are really essential to gather more relevant facts and decisively collect all the details in the investigation. The process is indeed a hassle and does take a lot of time and effort. At this digital age, that is something well taken care of. All you have to do is take with you any reliable recording device that will allow you to capture everything that has transpired during the investigation process. This will give you the chance to gather everything on site and no need to go back to you messy notes.

But if you prefer, you can also record what's on your notes so they are all recorded in that device. Thereafter, you can ask the expertise of a professional transcriber who can put all your recordings into an accurate piece of paperwork. This is where our investigative transcription services come into the picture. Our expert investigative transcription gurus shall accurately transcribe every detail in the same exact manner as what was taken from the original source. We guarantee you that your projects are treated with utmost attention and focus. With our pool of skilled investigative transcribers that caters more than 100 different global languages, you are definitely in good hands.

We strictly maintain and follow the secrecy and confidentiality of this high profile contents. Sensitive files such as this should we well kept protected and well guarded. As well as your personal and business transaction profile. In order to present you how reliable our services are, we provide notarization certificates on all our translation output.Aftermaths of this kind of content is crucial when it comes to the legality of the argument on court. And our investigative transcription services will see to it that every bit of the information is accurate. Well transcribed and proofread to avoid errors or discrepancy. Presents the same exact message as on the original source and an utmost level of quality and reliability.

Our investigative transcription services are patronized by attorneys, police departments, detectives, private investigators, law firms and even private individuals. We strictly follow deadlines and your project specific requirements and instructions. Is within your budget and caters different file formats depending on your preference.In order to present you how reliable our services are, we provide notarization certificates on all our translation output. We accept all kinds of file formats and are flexible on how you wanted to receive your final output.

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