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Interview Transcription Companies

We are among the top interview transcription companies covering a broad scope of digital and analogue recordings. With the most competitive basement rate of 0.69/min, our discounted prices and excellent quality mean you get the best deal overall. Even if your digital, tape or minidisc recording has poor quality, background noise, deep accents and terminologies, our surgical transcriptionists ensure you get the optimum fineness. We provide interview transcription services in tune with your requirements, for a detailed project quote and super rush turnarounds, Call 1-888-535-5668. In more than a decade, we’ve been a standard-setting yardstick for interview transcription companies in:

Our interview transcriptions cover the following :

• Academic Research

• Interviews for journalists, freelancers and authors

• Legal and medical interviews

• Radio and TV interviews

• Market research and business interviews by salespersons

• Police or Inquest under caution interviews

• Employee disciplinary interviews

Not all interview transcription companies attain super quality and exact transcripts. Our transcriptionists can type file lengths as long as 50 minutes within an hour. We re-speak the audio or video from interviews with first-rate transcripts. We’ve incorporated innovative technology tools to listen to each speaker’s voice keenly and quickly transcribe the whole content of multiple participants’ interviews. Get human-powered speech recognition solutions for any industry, be it legal, medical, healthcare and many more. We have handpicked a fully diversified repertoire of professionals with solid academic backgrounds and technical skills revolving around international accents and cultural outlooks. Our synchronized systems with a wide range of operating models ensure we meet client pre-requisites and strictest deadlines.

Choose us to get it done correctly on the spot with variations such as repetition-and-filler-free content or a fully tailored format. Trust us to achieve error-proof transcripts fast in line with your specifications. You can feel free to upload files on our secured server, our systems are ISO and ISO-Certified with 100% data protection guarantee. What’s more, our nominal rate of $0.69/min remains constant, regardless of the speaker count. All final transcripts are delivered with free speech recognition albeit for cross-talking. How to get started? You can upload files here and get on track. Bearing in mind the painstaking efforts of each student’s undertaking, we guarantee erudition and prowess in every dissertation interview transcription. We’ve served students from across the leading universities across the U.S and Canada, yonder in the UK and all over the world.

Dissertation Interview Transcription | Fast Delivery, Obligation-Free 24 Hrs Service

Our company comes in handy for students grappling with dissertation transcripts, we enable you to complete projects on-time and minimize errors. Dissertation, also referred to as thesis, is a presentation of research and conclusions in support of a student’s candidature for a post-graduate degree such as Masters, PhD, or higher-learning credentials. Get your scholarly transcripts in university-tuned templates! Upload your dissertation recordings and leverage student-friendly rates.

Our 10,000+certified transcriptionists are well-learned experts with a Masters Degree and high-level credentials covering a full range of learning faculties. You can lean on us to transcribe complex and highly technical research materials from any source, for instance, audio recordings, field interviews, video footage of seminars, jotted notes, research data, lecture recordings and podcasts. Simply upload on our seamless platform, we can type, change all audio content to text, restructure the research materials and compile them into the required thesis format. Our cream of the crop transcriptionists always do it right, transcribing speech to text and interviews to text. Express turnaround times? Speedy Delivery? Get the lowest market rates for your thesis transcript right here.

Academic Interview Transcription | Fast Delivery, 24 Hrs Customer Desk

We understand the art of top-quality academic interview transcription as our transcriptionists have a conflation of linguistic and mastery in a wide range of fields. We deploy a team that delivers speedy turnarounds, impeccable quality and a memorable experience. Seeking germane transcriptions? Upload files? Exploit offers and discounts? Call 1-888-535-5668. The genius of our workflow model facilitates a highly coordinated transcribing team that works under your control. Get appropriate, refreshing and widely read consultative approach for your academic interview transcription. Transcriptions within our network are trained to listen in and capture the subject matter of your recording. At our one-stop marketplace for transcriptions, we recognize the secret behind keen listening in research interviews, lectures and seminars, book compilation, learning materials, and much more.

Why do erudite professors and students allot us? Despite their substantial knowledge in their fields, students know the importance of hiring an expert: time-saving and efficient solutions. A trained ear never misses a point or makes conclusions but captures information surgically. Additionally, you can take advantage of our intelligent transcription system as our professionals know corpus terminology, with backgrounds in interview transcription. The end product of each transcript is highlighted by high-level quality, accuracy, detailed content and fitness for purpose. We pay heed to every aspect of your requirements in order to attain unsurpassed results. From one to one field interviews to tortuous group meetings, we’ll transcribe your digital or analogue recordings with literal accuracy and confidentiality.

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