EASYCHART by Transcription World

Your User-Friendly & Easy Transcription Service Platform for Management and eSign

Our EasyChart Transcription Service Platform is a big part of why working with us is easy and reliable, and without the complicated systems and processes, that most of our competition offers.

How much time does your staff spend working on records? With EasyChart by Transcription World, facilities finish their routine tasks faster or eliminate them altogether. EasyChart gives you more time and creates consistent and reliable results.

"When you partner with Transcription World for your medical transcription services, you will be working with a dedicated company with over 15 years of experience of helping doctors do their job more efficiently.

Our professional medical transcriptionists are highly trained to spot potential errors and ensure that your patient’s medical data is accurate.

When you partner with Transcription World, we put your needs first. That is my sincere promise to you."

Adam Smith, President

Improving your organization’s documentation processes should not cost you more than necessary. Deliver accurate reports in less time with an affordable service management solution.

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Transcription World - A great home for great transcriptionists

Transcription World is a US-based company that hires US-based transcriptionists. We offer dependable volume, regular pay, and a friendly experience. In return we ask transcriptionists that work with us to commit themselves to the accounts they type and to strive for continued improvement.

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